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Thank you for visiting our website; the EuroVista Doors® USA Sales Branch is located inside the Escondido California Lexus Centre. Our design consultants can assist with product choices as doors and windows are available in a wide range of styles, with many accessories available, and can easily be adapted for the needs of your building and its architecture.

EuroVista Doors® provides manufacturing and fenestration industry resources of a variety of premium quality products and services to Developers, General Building Contractors, Specialty Trade Contractors, Fenestration window and door Dealers and Resellers with their project needs and assist Homeowners,  Investors, and other Clients with new construction, interior, exterior renovations in residential and commercial sectors.

Local and state-wide product and service coverage, with out-of-state nationwide and international service support through our network of trusted industry professionals and dealers.

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Under product licensing terms, EuroVista Doors® USA is an affiliated member of United States Contractors Corp (USC) Construction Development Services, a licensed, bonded, insured Construction and Development Consultancy Company, licensed in California since 2007 with a combined experience in the construction and development industry since 1960.

Representing and servicing EuroVista Doors® Clients in the USA with their product installation needs and providing a vast array of services to other General Building Contractors and Specialty Trade Contractors, Homeowners, Investors, and their respective Clients with their project needs in residential and commercial sectors from distinctive new construction to innovative interior and exterior renovation.

In addition to local and state-wide service coverage, USC provides out-of-state services through its network of trusted industry professionals, licensed, bonded, and insured General Building Contractors and Specialty Trade Contractors to assist in completing your projects throughout the United States.

USC, State of California Lic.#898157, type B General Building Contractors.

EuroVista Doors® welcomes you to our fenestration and glazing industry website.

Our rough material extrusions supplier aluplast was established in 1982 in Germany and is one of the world's leading extruders of premium quality Pvcu window and door profiles.

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EuroVista Doors® provides advanced German engineering combined with the latest manufacturing advances makes these systems among the highest performing doors and windows on the market. High thermal insulation values lead to cost savings and reduced energy use for customers.

Select white or colorful profiles, add distinguishing details like glazing-bars, or choose special shapes like round top, circle top, triangle or gable. Choose from many options to complement your individual style.

Developing Concepts and Visions into Design Works and Constructed to Realities

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Tilt & Turn Window The Tilt and Turn window is a dual-functioning window designed to provide ventilation, security, emergency egress and easy cleaning from the inside. With single handle operation, simply turn the handle 90° and the window swings inward. This turn function may be key operated for safety. Turn the handle 180° and the window tilts into a secure position at the top, providing ventilation and security.

Sliding Window The Sliding window is offered as a two-lite configuration with fixed and operable sash combinations and multi point locking. The commercial grade sash operates smoothly with steel rollers gliding along a steel track.

Picture Window Built with the tilt and turn frame, our picture windows are fixed units that can be used singularly or mulled in groups with other non-operable units. They can also be used in combination with casements, awnings or doors. Often, picture windows are used where a focal point or maximum light admission is desired, or as strip or ribbon windows as seen in commercial construction.

Casement Window European style casements use projection friction stays and espagnolette locking, rather than crank handles. The window’s hinged sash swings in or out for more ventilation than typically found with hung or slider windows. These casements can provide emergency egress if needed.

Awning and Hopper Windows The awning and hopper window styles are ideal for small spaces because they open completely, to allow for positive ventilation. Awning windows are hinged at the top, open outward, and are designed to circulate air and protect the interior from light rain. They are commonly used with casement or fixed window units to add aesthetic appeal. Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom, open inward and are often installed in ground level rooms to provide ventilation and security.

Storefront The Commercial Door and Window System is the perfect choice for storefront construction. Windows can be configured as ribbon, window walls or punched openings. Low profile aluminum sill, outswing and panic hardware are available to satisfy ADA requirements.

Swing, French and Tilt/Turn Doors Single Swing, French and Tilt/Turn Doors have the same style, durability, weather resistance and security features as our windows. The doors come in a range of styles to complement the windows and overall look of your building project. Select from heavy-duty butt style hinge for entry doors or tilt/turn hardware that will perfectly match the look and function of our tilt/turn windows.

Tilt and Slide Doors The Parallel Tilt and Slide door can be operated in three positions: closed, tilt and slide. Turn the handle 90° and the door automatically opens into a secured tilt position at the top, ideal for ventilation. A further 90° downward twist of the handle and the door swings out at the bottom and will slide parallel in a horizontal direction to a typical open position. Even a door or sash that weights up to 440 pounds can easily be operated with one hand. With the multi-lock security concept, the locking mechanism is protected by specific security against forced entry; by design, lifting and prying the sliding sash open is extremely difficult.

Fold and Slide /Bi-Fold Doors The Fold and Slide door system offers contemporary style, excellent reliability, outstanding operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style and space. These door systems are engineered using high-quality PVC profiles with superior hinge and locking systems that are dependable, secure and weather resistant. The expertly engineered glide rollers offers mooth and dependable performance. Choose a configuration of three to seven operating panels, and a vinyl or aluminum sill.

The door systems are available in colors including white vinyl or the realistic Wood Grain Laminates such as mahogany, golden oak or walnut.

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Energy Savings Calculations

Energy Savings Calculations

Color Laminate Options to Define your Design Style

A Variety of Color Choices


There is a world of possibilities for enhancing the curb appeal of your home or business with color laminate. Choose from the catalog of distinctive colors that look as rich as a painted surface. These low-maintenance selections have a durable pebble matte finish that looks good on the interior or exterior of the door or window.

Interior/exterior color laminates have a unique textured finish that simulates a powder-coated matte surface and our silver has the brushed metal appearance of a commercial window.

Color or woodgrain laminates that require minimum purchase quantities and carry extended lead times for delivery. Due to variations in the printing process colors shown may be different from the actual product. Consult your sales representative before ordering

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Offering an extensive line of top-quality products, consulting services, installation recommendations, with our commitment to deliver innovative concepts from a trusted team of specialized professionals to accommodate your distinctive design style and development expectations.

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